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It’s been a while since LeBron James was able to add some new ink to his body… maybe because the place is running out. The King celebrated his second NBA championship in many ways and getting a new tattoo in the off-season is certainly one way to treat yourself. Back in August, I mentioned about Nike shooting a new commercial featuring King James and his new shoes and turns out it was a great chance to take a closer look at his… collarbones. In 2013, LeBron decided to remind us all about his birthplace and the year he was born. He added two new tattoos on his shoulders. His right shoulder reads “Akron” and his left shoulder reads “Est. 1984″. Check out the whole LBJ Tattoo timeline and let us know if there’s anything missing.

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In the first game of the 2010 NBA Playoffs, most of you were probably checking out LeBron James’ new kicks – the Nike LeBron VII P.S.. However, if you looked closely enough you might have had noticed something else. The King has got himself a new tattoo! One month ago we reported about his fresh “What we do in life echoes in eternity” ink, but in the last game he sported a new tattoo on his left leg. You may be familiar with his WITNESS “ad” on his right calf. The new one says HISTORY as LBJ has completed his message, which now reads WITNESS HISTORY. That’s a bold statement. Let’s hope we are about to become witnesses one more time. For more information on James’ tattoos click here.

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According to our traffic statistics, from the past year, many people coming here via various search engines are looking for answers on King James’ tattoos. We at take great pride in pleasing readers, that’s why we come forward and give you this complete timeline of LeBron’s tattoos. Not only it answers questions about his tattoos (background, inspiration), but also we have focused on how they have changed over the course of LBJ’s professional basketball career. Nuff said… follow this link or click the image below to find out if James was born with the CHOSEN1 on his back…

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Have you ever wondered how King James’ tattoos look like up-close? Here you’ll find out the meaning behind his ink in this complete timeline of all LeBron’s tattoos (with photographic evidence). You will also learn how they have changed during the course of his professional basketball career. It’s very difficult to break down all of Bron’s tattoos. If anyone has some additional information (for example meanings, background, close ups), please post a comment below, or contact us. Thanks!

LeBron has “CHOSEN1″ tattooed on his back. Rumors that this tattoo was there when LeBron was born remain unconfirmed. Kidding aside, he got that after Sports Illustrated gave him the title on one of the covers, while he was still in High School.
LeBron’s first arm tattoo – seems like something hairy, wearing a crown, that would later be transformed into a more distinct lion-head.
In High School, he had to wear plasters to cover up his tattoos. School’s policy.
First NBA season – this is how King James came into the league. His lion-head logo got some new scripting – King (above) and James (below).
Also, his left arm has two tattoos – “Beast” and “Hold My Own”.
Not a lot changed over the first two years in the NBA. In his third NBA season LeBron shows off a new tattoo – “Price James” – in honor of LeBron Jr.’s first birthday.
2006 Playoffs – notice there’s no WITNESS logo at this point.
It’s difficult to catch LeBron w/o his jersey on. This photo was taken during the 2006 Fiba WCOB. He has a very small tattoo on his chest. Pictures are too small to determine what it reads. Update: According to L23 With Big Z it says “Gifted Child.”
After quite a successful 2006 Playoffs run, King James got a new tattoo on his leg. On his right calf is the word “Witness,” a reference to Nike’s famous campaign during the post-season.
Coming into his 4th NBA season LeBron tattoo’ed a large “330” on his right forearm. It’s a reference to his hometown – Akron – area code.
He got plenty of new tattoos in his 4th year, but at this point his right shoulder was clean from any ink.
Here’s the other side of his Akron tattoo. It says “No one can see through what i am except for the one that made me” in script inside an old unrolled paper script (thanks chris23). Also, notice a change in the “Hold My Own” left arm tattoo. Images of birds flying were added around this tattoo.
At this point LeBron didn’t have the “L” and “J” scripted on his triceps. He got that during his second NBA Playoffs appearance. See the next photo.
In the second round of the 2007 NBA Playoffs, during Cavaliers’ six days rest waiting for the next opponent, James got some new ink… “L” and “J” letters – his initials, of course – scripted on his triceps.
The new tattoo over the lion-head says “Gloria” in honor of Gloria James – LeBron’s mom. Additionally, notice two small tattoos on Bron’s hands. On his right hand there’s a K-J-1, which most likely means King James 1.0.
Here’s a close up of the 330 (Akron) tattoo on Bron’s right forearm.
Close up of “Gloria”.
During the summer, before joining the USA Basketball Training Camp, LeBron tattooed names of his second son – Bryce Maximus – of his left forearm.
Going into his fifth NBA season, LeBron modified the “Hold My Own” tattoo and his left biceps.
Above his right wrist, there’s yet another small tattoo. It is hard to interpret without a close up.
Another look at the Bryce Maximus tattoo on his left forearm, commemorating the birth of King James’ second son.
Right arm.
“L” & “J”.
Both arms – close up.
Sixth NBA season – LeBron comes in with some modifications on his left arm. The “Beast” is now surrounded with stars and the “Hold My Own” got some color.
The “Prince James” tattoo has been changed as well. There’s much more graphic in the background.
Back of his left forearm tattoo. Not sure what is says.
Close up of James’ lion/dragon thing chest tattoo. Photo taken during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
LeBron’s tattoos in full glory.
Witness close up.
Entering the 2009 NBA Playoffs LBJ was seen with a new tattoo during one of the practice sessions in the first round. Below the lion/dragon image on his chest there’s a “Family” written in script on the right side of his abdomen. Also, there seems to be something on the other side too – “Loyalty”. So far there are no pics.
Continuing his tradition of getting new tattoos before the NBA Playoffs, LeBron James returned from his one week rest / minor ankle injury on March 12th, 2010 with a new tattoo placed on his left and right bicep. Right arm reads “What we do in life” and the left follows… “echoes in eternity”. It is a quote form LeBron’s favorite movie – “Gladiator”.
On April 17th, 2010… in the first game of the 2010 NBA Playoffs, LeBron James sported not only a new pair of shoes, but also a new tattoo on his left leg. Matching the WITNESS tattoo on his right leg (see above), The King got himself HISTORY on the left. His message is now complete as it reads WITNESS HISTORY.
Here’s a detailed look at LeBron’s rib cage tattoos. Joining “Family” on the left side is “Loyalty” on the right side. It displays two of James’ five credos: Passion, Fearless, Tradition, Community, Family, Loyalty.
In 2013, after winning his second NBA championship, LeBron James decided to remind us all about his birthplace and the year he was born. He added two new tattoos on his collarbones. His right shoulder reads “Akron” and his left shoulder reads “Est. 1984″. Again, it’s difficult to catch LBJ shirtless, but when you’re doing a commercial on a beach in Miami… photographers will follow.
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[Two days ago] we wrote about LeBron’s new tattoos on his triceps. Here is a couple of better photos from the second game againts the New Jersey Nets. Now you can see both tattoos at the same time.

From Playoffs 2007
May 9, 2007 at 1:49 am | lebron-jameslifestyle

During 6 days rest waiting for the next opponent LeBron James got a new tatoo on his arm. Technically it’s two tattoos but they are a part of one obviously. He got a script “L” on his left tricep and a script “J” on his right which of course are his initials.

Round 1 Game 4: 4/30 Round 2 Game 1: 5/6
Source | From Playoffs 2007
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Upon the announcement of LeBron James’ one-day visit in Philippines, fans did all they could to get a chance to see King James up close and personal. Thousands (yes, thousands) were in line for days, under the extremities to get those coveted tickets. You’d think that would be the lasting memory from this tour. Nike Did It. Again. Taking inspiration from the main theme – #WITNESSHISTORY – Nike invited ten artists (note: artists/creatives/musicians, not sneaker customizers) to customize the Nike LeBron X. From achievements, LeBron marks (tattoos, the Lion, “King” James) or personal steez, these 10 artists were to make these size 16 ‘Brons wearable. The LeBron X Customization Project installation is at Nike Park BHS and will be on display until the 23rd. Go check it out. It’s amazing.

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As you can see on our tattoo page LeBron James has a tattoo placed on his left and right bicep. Right arm reads “What we do in life” and the left follows? “echoes in eternity“. It is a quote form LeBron’s favorite movie – “Gladiator“. He even named his second son after the movie: Bryce Maximus James. Yesterday we saw plenty of detailed shots presenting the upcoming Nike LeBron 9, but one thing has eluded our attention. The front part of the outsole has the same quotes split between right and left shoes. The LeBron 9 is shaping up to be a decent basketball shoe. One thing bothers me though… I would have preferred the Lionhead insignia over the signature on the top of the tongue. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

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